This week’s Monochrome Monday is a photo from 2011 of a steel bridge that the Japanese forced Allied prisoners of war build during the Second World War.



The movie The Bridge Over The River Kwai is a 1957 Academy Award winning fictional account of the building of the Death Railway between Thailand and Burma (Myanmar).  The bridge in the photos was built by prisoners of war in WWII, but in reality the POWs built dozens of bridges along the 250 mile (402 km ) length of the Death Railway.  Only a handful of the bridges were steel.  When you think about it, building one bridge as depicted in the movie would be easy.

This bridge is located at Kanchanaburi, Thailand about 66 miles (106 km) west of Bangkok.  The arched sections of the bridge were constructed by POWs.  The sections with rectangular trusses were built by the Japanese after WWII as reparations to replace portions of the bridge destroyed by Allied bombers during the war.



An accurate account of the building of the Death Railway is here.