This relief of Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi is located in Mani Bhavan, his residence in the Gamdevi precinct of Mumbai, India from 1917 to 1934.


Mani Bhavan belonged to Revashankar Jagjeevan Jhaveri, Gandhi’s friend and host in Mumbai during this period. It has been a museum dedicated to Gandhi’s life and works since 1955. While at Mani Bhavan Gandhi launched satyagraha (his trademark civil disobedience movement) in 1919 to protest against an act that curbed freedom of the press, published an unregistered weekly newspaper, began his historic four-day fast in 1921 to restore peace to the city after the public boycotted a visit by the Prince of Wales, and was arrested in the early hours of January 4, 1932. 

The artist is unknown to me. Do you know who created this relief?

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