I’m on a quick trip with my son to Alaska.  The last time we were here about 15 years ago, this town was called Barrow.  In 2016, locals voted to change the name to the Inupiat name Utqiaġvik, an Inupiat name which refers to a place for gathering food.  

Utqiaġvik milepost. The blue building in the background has an interesting story to be told later.

Utqiaġvik lies about 320 miles (515 km) north of the Arctic Circle.  It is the northernmost city in North America.  The sun remains above the horizon from about May 11 to August 1.

The Arctic Ocean surrounds Utqiaġvik on three sides.  

Arctic Ocean

The famous whale bone arch at the harbor has been replaced with concrete arches since we were here.

Utqiaġvik whale bone arch

More to come as circumstances permit.