One Word Sunday is a blogging challenge hosted by Debbie Smyth at TravelWithIntent. This week’s challenge is Point.

It so happens that the trip to Alaska I’m on with my son provides great material for this theme. We spent a few days in Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow, Alaska. Utqiaġvik is the most northerly settlement in North America. Point Barrow, a few miles north of the town at the end of the narrow peninsula, is the farthest north bit of land on the continent.

This USAF facility is situated between Utqiaġvik and the tip of Point Barrow.

Alex and I were in Barrow in August 2004.  Then, we were able to go all the way to the tip of the point.  Conditions kept us from getting to the very tip this time.

The gravel road stops here and the end of the point is about three miles farther north.
Even without precipitation overcast makes it hard to tell the difference between earth and sky in the featureless landscape.

Join Debbie’s challenge. Next week’s theme is “lean.”