Sandy, of Sandy Chronicles, hosts the Friendly Friday Challenge. The challenge for this week and next is “road trip.”

The best road trip I’ve taken in a long time was the Road Trip to the Roof of the World from Lhasa, Tibet to Everest Base Camp, Tibet. Our tour group of five tourists, guide and minivan driver spent five days on the road including one night at EBC Tibet.

20200415_004040 (1)
Frequent stops on the road for ID checks by Chinese authorities.
20200414_233016 (1)
A rest area where tourists are accosted by evil looking mini goats on the make for a tasty treat.
Pit stop at Karola Glacier.
20200414_231148 (1)
We saw plenty of rental Jeep Wranglers with Shanghai plates. This spot is 5,000 km from Shanghai. That is one heck of a road trip!
One of the high passes on the approach to Everest.
Entrance to the Mt. Everest National Park.

The two-day drive to base camp was an adventure in itself but the topper was the view of the north face of Everest from Everest Base Camp – Tibet.  The summit at 29,035 ft. is m ore than two vertical miles above EBC – Tibet.

Mt. Everest, the mountain with the world’s highest summit relative to sea level.

You can read the full post here.  

Next week’s challenge is the same.  I think I’ll submit a post based on the 40-hour train trip from Beijing to Lhasa.