Journeys With Johnbo set the challenge for the 155th edition of the Lens-Artist Challenge. John’s theme is “on the water.”

I submit for your consideration three of my photos from various locations around the world and one photo that was taken by person unknown.

The first photo was taken in 2008 on a whale-watching excursion off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  

This photo is a bit of a fluke. 😉

The next photo is from May 2021 while taking a stroll on the Chukchi Sea 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle at Utqiaġvik, Alaska.

Open water is about 10 miles out. Locals use snow mobiles to get themselves and their gear to the water where they pursue giant bowhead whales in small, open boats.

My last photo was taken in 2019 on the way to the domain of the Komodo dragon, Komodo National Park on Rinca Island, Indonesia.    

Scuba diving and snorkeling is very popular in the waters around the islands between the Flores Sea and the Sumba Strait.

Finally, here is a photo of Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage, Alaska.  The seaplane base is located adjacent to Ted Stevens International Airport.  Floatplanes are the workhorse of Alaska, a state with few roads.  They ferry people and supplies to remote communities situated on Alaska’s many streams and lakes.

Many cargo flights across the Pacific stop in Anchorage to refuel.  For a while in 2020, the lack of passenger flights and the volume of cargo crossing the Pacific gave Anchorage the distinction of having the world’s busiest airport and the world’s busiest seaplane base.

I hope this post met John’s challenge. Next week the challenge will be hosted by guest host Anne of Slow Shutter Speed and her theme will be Black & White.