Sculpture Saturday returns to the Wild Art collection at the North Carolina Arboretum near Asheville, NC for a look at Raptor, a sculpture constructed of painted steel plate by John W. Parker.


Parker describes his approach to outdoor sculpture in the Artist’s Statement :

Outdoor sculpture has to function in a comprehensive way as a drive-by experience, as strong and dynamic silhouettes.  With further exploration  for the passer-by or neighborhood resident, a deeper appreciation and enjoyment can be explored walking around, under and through the pieces.

Art is not an instant snapshot.  It is meant to be lived with and experienced.  The importance of outdoor sculpture is that one does not have to go to a museum to experience it.

I think this work accomplishes Parker’s goal. Raptor is an attractive, eye-catching piece that draws the interest of motorists and pedestrians with color and form.

Contact the North Carolina Arboretum for inquiries about buying this work. It is available for $18,000.

Sculpture Saturday is a challenge hosted by Susan Kelly at No Fixed Plans.

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