Monochrome Monday is a photo of the stairs to the upper deck on a Delta Air Lines 747-400.

20170309_105045 (2)
Stairway to Delta 747-400 upper deck

The Delta upper deck seemed like heaven.  It was the best business-class cabin on any commercial airliner.  With only 14 lie-flat seats arranged 1-1, two dedicated flight attendants, and being positioned just behind the flight deck, traveling on the Delta 747 upper deck felt like flying on a private jet even though there were almost 400 passengers below.

The photo provides a sense of how steep and narrow the stairs were.  Navigating the stairs with a heavy carry-on bag and a backpack was challenging even for the sober and physically fit.  An elevator would have been handy.  In fact, 747s have a small elevator but it is reserved for moving galley carts between decks.

In the industry-wide search for greater fuel economy and lower operating costs, airlines have been phasing out most of their four-engine airliners like the Boeing 747 and Airbus 380.   In October 2017, I flew a final Delta 747 farewell flight with several other frequent-flyer friends.  Delta grounded its last 747 in December 2017.

20180101_102349 (1)
This was a surprise memento of the trip from the Delta staff in Manila, Philippines (MNL).

The “stairway to heaven” on the Delta 747 is the only part of the business class (Delta One) experience I won’t miss.