One Word Sunday is a blogging challenge hosted by Debbie Smyth at TravelWithIntent. This week’s challenge is “count.”

I really wanted to come up with something related to Count Dracula, who came to mind immediately when I first saw the challenge. Unfortunately, I have no photos to match.

Instead, I followed Debbie’s lead with a reference to counting stairs. These photos are of the stairway to the roof of the Duomo di Milano.



I climbed this dark and narrow stairway on a chilly, drizzly day in November 2019. Brochures state that there are 250 steps. I must have been bored as well as cold and wet because I tried counting them. I cannot verify the accuracy of the stated number of steps, however, because I lost count well before 100. There was a lot of jostling and stopping and starting as people were also descending. Anyway, one thing I can vouch for is the fact that taking the stairs was seven euro cheaper than taking the elevator (lift).

The next photo was taken in the British Airways Galleries Lounge at Newark, NJ’s Liberty International Airport. Pouring my favorite beverage at the self-service bar, I noticed that the bottle was full. It is rare to see a full bottle of booze in these lounges, and it was the end of the day.


Out of minor curiosity, I checked to see how many other bottles were also full. A quick look around revealed that every single bottle was full to the top! That is the only time I’ve seen that, and I’ve been to a fair number of airline and airport lounges over the years. Makes you wonder.

This is about the best I can do with “count.” Thanks for taking a look. Next week’s theme is old/older/oldest.