Sometime this week my site exceeded 2,000 WordPress followers. WordPress measures followers in at least three different ways. All three measures are now over what seemed like an unattainable mark when I started this blog in 2015. It is surprising and gratifying that more than 2,000 bloggers have an interest in my blog posts about flights, nights, sights, travel news and anything else that pops into my head. Your generous support keeps me going – if that’s a good thing.

Athens 2018

It took almost five years of effort before reaching 500 followers in April 2020. Reaching 1,000 followers less than six months later was beyond my wildest dreams. And now 2,000 followers is wicked crazy. My sincerest “thank you” to all who have generously followed, read, liked, commented, re-blogged or just stopped by for a look and moved on.  I am grateful and amazed.

IMG_5376 (2)
KN95 mask Japan Airlines 777-300 November 2021.

To return the favor, l follow almost all of my 2,000 and growing followers and more. Managing my email inbox and WP Reader to view, read, like or comment on your posts is an enjoyable challenge. I wish I could make the time to comment on more posts because they are always very interesting and informative.  

Safe travels. Cheers!