This week, Debbie’s One Word Sunday theme is “Found” the opposite of last week’s theme, “Lost.”

Taking a cue from Debbie’s response, the statue of Antinous (110-130 CE), a favorite of Roman Emperor Hadrian, was found at Delphi, Greece in 1893 was discovered standing upright on its pedestal next to the wall of a brick chamber alongside the temple.

The photo below is from 1893 when the sculpture was found. It is now displayed at the Delphi Archeological Museum.



There is a famous story in Japan about Hachikō, a faithful Akita who lost its master when he died at work. For nine years, Hachikō returned daily to Shibuya Station in Tokyo hoping for the master’s return. They found each other in eternity at Aoyama Cemetery in Tokyo.

Resting place of Dr. Eisaburo Ueno and Hachikō “Chuken Hachikō” Ueno.

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