Tina Schell is the host of Lens Artist Photo Challenge No. 205. Her challenge is to come up with photos for the theme “The eyes Have It”.

Here are a few photos from past travels that I think fit the challenge. Long-time followers may remember these photos because they have appeared in other posts.

Children have honest eyes. Their eyes are excellent indicators of what they are thinking and feeling.

These kids were having a great time swimming at a waterfall in Soi Yok National Park in Thailand. Their eyes express joy and curiosity about a stranger.


It is harder to tell what animals are thinking. The eyes of this cub seem to say “why do you strange creatures just sit and stare and ever get out and play?” Or maybe this is his hungry look.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

There’s not much mystery here.  At the Forbidden City in Beijing this youngster had been put in timeout by his parents for some unknown infraction.  He was not a happy camper.  If looks could kill!


You should see Tina’s excellent interpretation of her challenge here.

I hope you enjoyed my version of The Eyes Have It. Thanks for taking a look see.