I am amalgamating into one place reviews of the flights involved in my trip to Thailand in November 2021. The flights include an awesome Japan Airlines first class flight and several great business class ones as well as a domestic Thai Airways and American Airlines flights in coach. Putting these posts in one spot makes it easy for me to find them, gives others an opportunity to read or reread, and avoids listing prior flights when I make a new post in the series.

Thailand Trip Part 10 – Thai Smile Domestic A320 And The Post-Arrival Snack

Not surprisingly, my favorite flight was the first class flight to Tokyo. Second is the flight to New York. Long flights offer better service, or at least more of it, than shorter ones. Japan Airlines consistently ranks in the top 5 in global airline rankings. These flights demonstrate why.

As far as I’m concerned the longer the flight, the better. How about you?