I’m combining previous posts from the Thailand trip in November 2021 into Flights, Nights and Sights to avoid cluttering each post with links to all the others and make it easier for friends and followers to find posts from that trip on similar topics. Flights covers airplane trips. Nights incorporates posts about hotel stays. Sights reports on the places visited and major activities engaged in during that trip.

These posts overview some of the conditions tourists encountered in normally tourist-friendly Thailand in November 2021.

While the vast majority of indoor activities for tourists were closed by decree or lack of demand, I managed to find several very enjoyable things to do.  

Hanuman World Experience Review


One of the most unusual sights you’ll ever see:

This bike tour was fun with a capital F!

The last night on Phuket was an evening with friends at a swanky, open-air, seaside restaurant.

If you liked Sights, feel free to check out Flights and Nights too. To wrap up my Thailand recap, the final post will be devoted to the airport lounges that I that I visited.