I combined individual posts about airline flights, hotel stays and sightseeing activities during the trip to Thailand in November 2021 into three posts to make them easier for friends to find. This post does the same for the airport lounges I visited and arranges them from the least to most favorite under the conditions that prevailed in November 2021.

In general, basic airline and airport lounges in the U.S. have better seating and dΓ©cor than equivalent lounges elsewhere but worse food and alcohol. I’m not an accountant or tax attorney but suspect that is due in large part to U.S. tax laws that bestow generous write-offs for investments in physical assets but not consumables. The CLT Concourse C Admirals Club has decent seating and it hasn’t even been renovated to the latest Admirals Club standards like the CLT Concourse B Admirals Club. Free food and alcohol are limited to light snacks and cheap brands.

There are several Miracle Lounges at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Miracle Lounges are not affiliated with any particular airline, and as part of the Priority Pass lounge system of over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide are open to anyone on any airline travelling in any class of service as long as they are a Priority Pass member.

The Miracle Lounge on Concourse A was created by blocking off a small area next to the moving walkways on the concourse. It is not a pretty lounge (probably only temporarily in this location) and thus not up to par with the other Miracle Lounges at BKK. But I rank this lounge over the CLT Admirals Club Lounge because of the quality and variety of free food and booze.

Sakura Lounges are Japan Airlines business class lounges. Even though Japan Airlines had substituted a limited a la carte food menu in place of the usual buffet of delicious Thai, Japanese and Western dishes and the seating options were nothing to write home about, because of the free food, beverages that was available and the always-efficient and friendly staff service I’d much rather spend time in this lounge than any Admirals Club.

Japan Airlines First Class lounges are great lounges that are normally in a class above American Airlines Flagship lounges. But similar to the Sakura Lounge in Bangkok, in November 2021, due to Covid restrictions Japan Airlines was only offering a limited a la carte menu in addition to the iconic sushi bar.

Stylish dΓ©cor, a variety of comfortable places to relax or work, a good buffet and quality alcoholic drinks are why The JFK Flagship lounge was the best lounge of the five I visited on this trip. In November 2021, Covid restrictions in New York and the U.S. had relaxed significantly. First Class Dining (which is only available to passengers travelling in first class and those with American Concierge Key status) and the outstanding shower suites were closed because of the airline’s policy rather than government requirements.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for sticking with me as I organized previous posts from a great trip into a format that is more convenient to review.

The comfort, quiet, free food and drinks, of lounges and amenities such as showers, wifi, and assistance of airline reps greatly enhance the pleasure of and relieve the stress generated by commercial air travel. Food and drinks are most important to me followed by the availability of nice shower suites. What are the most important matters you consider in evaluating airport and airline lounges?