Given the number of followers in Asia and those elsewhere who have had contact with Asian cultures, yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday – What was harder than I thought.

IMG_0726 (2)

The image is of spiral incense cones at Thien Hau Temple, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For a fee, people attach prayers to the cones and light the incense. These cones burn for seven days.

In Taosim, incense is burnedΒ to purify the surroundings and facilitate connecting with gods and spirits. Similarly, some Christian faiths burn incense as a symbol ofΒ the prayers of the faithful rising to heaven.

Surprisingly, one blogger not only knew what the photo depicted, he knew the precise location where the photo was taken. My hat’s off to Andy of Andy’sWorldJourney’s, a blog and vlog covering Andy’s travels over the years to interesting and sometimes very remote parts of the globe.

The hanging cones resemble Christmas decorations, which was the most popular answer. Thanks for having a bit of fun with Wordless Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!