This photo was the subject of yesterday’s post. The post asked if anyone knew or had a guess as to the identity of the person on the right.

Kevin Doyle

If you knew who this was, you were better informed than me.

After my upgrade finally cleared at the gate, I was the last to board a flight from LAX to Charlotte, NC in February 2016. While stowing things in the overhead bin above my seat, the person in the window seat asked me to be careful of an item he had stored overhead.

No problem, but it was unusual for someone to say that. We said a brief hello as I sat down. I figured the guy was not pleased that I had taken the empty seat. Sitting next to an empty seat on a plane is always a bonus no matter what class of service I’m traveling in. Having the last passenger take the seat next to me always is disappointing to say the least.

Shortly after takeoff, a flight attendant who was working the economy cabin came forward to speak to my seatmate and ask for an autograph. The flight attendant was offering effusive praise for my seatmate’s work and show that he described as the best thing on TV.

Holy moly! I was sitting next to someone famous and had no clue who it was. After racking my brain for several minutes, I finally worked up the nerve to ask his name.

He told me and explained that he was part of the cast of Downton Abbey. He and other cast members who were sitting in first (I didn’t recognized them either) were returning to England after attending the Screen Actors Guild Awards show. They received the SAG Award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series. Apparently, the award was the item in the overhead bin Doyle asked me to be careful about.

Congratulations to Pat of e-Quips blog who recognized Kevin Doyle tight away!

Have you been in a similar situation where it was embarrassing not to know who you were talking with?