Singapore is the correct answer to yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday Where? Thanks to the readers who took part in the challenge. Many nailed it. There are some big clues for those who know about this city-state at the tip of the Malay Peninsula.

20171107_080153 (1)

The Merlion, a creature that is half lion and half fish, is Singapore’s popular symbol and mascot. Behind the Merlion is the Fullerton Hotel, a 5 star Singapore icon. I’ve heard great things about the hotel but have never stayed there. I didn’t stay anywhere in Singapore on this trip.

While on a 14-hour layover between flights, I signed up for a free tour from Singapore’s Changi Airport. It was a three-hour tour of some of Singapore’s most famous sights with an English speaking guide. Two different tours were offered. No need to worry about a visa as a passport and boarding pass are sufficient for transit passengers.


Long layovers can be tedious even for a lounge rat like myself. Some international airports (Seoul/Incheon is another) offer free tours that make passing the time so much fun that you might want to schedule a long layover on purpose.

I love Singapore for the food and its multicultural heritage. Are you a fan of Singapore? If so, why?

Thanks for being good sports and taking part in Wordless Wednesday Where.