November 11, 1918 is the date of the armistice that ended hostilities in World War I. The United States designates November 11 as Veterans Day, a day to thank all who have honorably served in its armed forces in war or peace.

My father, Sherman J. Polley, Jr., was an enlisted man in the Army’s 93rd Infantry Division and served in the Pacific Theater in World War Two (WWII). We never talked much about his service before he passed in 2016. About all I know is he received a Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service on Morotai, an island in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia).

Although he was nominated for the award during the war, he did not receive it until almost 50 years later when my step mother and step sister campaigned to have the paperwork for the award acted upon.

Dad and step mother with Bronze Star award in 2014.

The 93rd Division was a segregated unit. It was deployed in the Pacific between January1944 and January 1946, and served on numerous islands including Guadalcanal, New Guinea, Bougainville, Morotai and the Philippines. Although some of its elements engaged in combat operations on several Pacific islands, the 93rd was used primarily for labor and security. It would be nice to know more about dad’s activities unfortunately there seems to be a problem with accessing U.S. military records from WWII.

I thank my father and step father for their service in WII along with all other U.S. veterans and the veterans of the armed services of other countries that have fought to maintain freedom. Many of those countries also celebrate the service of their veterans today as Veterans Day or Remembrance Day.