This week’s Wordless Wednesday Where and Who was a chance for me to do a little humblebragging. This is a photo of John Legend performing at his “Love in Las Vegas” show at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater in April 2022.


John Legend (John Rogers Stephens) traces his ancestry to Peyton Polley, my third great grandfather. That makes us like 99th cousins or something.πŸ˜„

Legend was born in Springfield, OH. Ohio is the state that Peyton and family moved to in 1849. After being emancipated in his father’s will in 1847, Peyton and his brother and wife were able to purchase the freedom of their children.

Legend developed his musical talent in church from a young age. His mother sang and directed the church choir. His grandmother was the church organist. His father was a factory worker and also played the drums. The set in the photo is an homage to Legend’s church-music origins.

My niece, her son and I didn’t make an effort to go backstage after the performance. But the concert was wonderful, and it is nice to know that there is a winner of multiple Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammy Awards in the very extended family.

Thanks to those who commented. You were right on.