I report on travel and dancing experiences on international trips from my home in Charlotte, NC USA.  I also offer comments on hotel stays and hotel and airline loyalty programs I participate in.  I am currently a Delta diamond medallion with almost 2.5 million butt-in-seat air miles.  All that flying gives me status as Delta “Lifetime” gold and Skyteam Elite Plus.  I’ve also enjoyed American Airlines Executive Platinum status for the last three years.  I am also a Starwood platinum member with over 500 nights in Starwood properties since 1999.  Make that a Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier with over 1200 nights between the two programs.  With rollover MQM miles on Delta, I presently have enough miles to qualify diamond status through February 2022 without flying any more miles, provided Delta does not change current qualification rules.

My love of flying goes all the way back to childhood.  My mother was a single parent and we didn’t have much money for entertainment.  She would often take us to nearby Weir Cook Airport (now Indianapolis International) where us kids could watch takeoffs and landings and play in the grass.   Back then, there could be 20 minutes or more between arriving or departing flights.  As an adult I obtained a private pilot’s license and enjoyed flying single-engine Cessnas and Pipers.

In addition to travel I enjoy latin dancing, primarily salsa, bachata, merengue and cha cha cha, which I got hooked on about ten years ago after experimenting with ballroom dancing.  Kizomba is the next dance I’d like to learn.  I find latin dancing and friendly company in every major city worldwide.





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