I’ve made claims about the world’s best business class cabin, the now departed Delta 747-400 upper deck.  When it comes to identifying the world’s best airline lounge shower, for me there is no contest.  I’ve visited only a handful of the best lounges in the world but feel pretty confident in my conclusion.  Take a look at these photos.  I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts you can’t name showers in any airline lounge that are better than the Cabanas.

The Wing First Class Lounge

The Cabanas are located in Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class lounge.  This lounge is located one level above The Wing Business Class Lounge and the concourse near Gate 4.  I was able to enter The Wing by virtue of American Airlines Executive Platinum status which equates to status as a Oneworld Emerald.  Emeralds have access to Cathay Pacific first-class lounges when flying on a Oneworld flight in any class of service.

The Wing is one of two Cathay Pacific first class lounges at HKG.  In contrast to The Pier, the other first-class lounge, The Wing has a contemporary, open look.

20180610_220728_resized (1)
The Wing First Class lounge

In addition to the Cabanas, this lounge has many outstanding features including a free a la carte restaurant.

20180610_221020_resized (1)
A la carte service and a buffet

The Cabanas

Taking the modern design theme even farther, the entrance to the Cabanas is down a mildly disorienting hallway with a Sci-fi, “Logan’s Run” kind of vibe.

20171122_113455_resized (1)
The Cabanas are on this futuristic corridor.

The Cabanas have a much warmer look inside.  These so-called showers are the size of a small hotel room.  The entry hallway is flanked by a bathroom on the right and a closet on the left.

The toilet is enclosed.
Closet with robe, slippers and hangers

Just past the entry hall, bathroom and closet is a long dressing table and mirror opposite a large vanity and sink.

20180610_151215_resized_1 (1)

The vanity provides an assortment of Jurlique amenities to help customers freshen up. 20180610_151341_resized20180610_152218_resized

The vanity abuts a very comfortable couch.

20180610_151919_resized (1)
Couch, vanity and dressing table

The bathing area has a soaking tub and separate waterfall shower that also has a hand-held shower head.20180610_151459_resized (1)

The style and design is like something from a Park Hyatt.

20180610_152531_resized (1)20180610_151607_resized

So you tell me.  Have you seen an airline lounge with nicer shower accommodations?

Final Thoughts

Often airlines come up with names for products or services that promise more than they deliver.  It is a current fad to slap a door on a business-class seat and call it a “suite.”  The term “suite” implies something larger than a normal hotel room.  In fact, these seats are not any bigger than regular business-class seats.  The Delta One Suites that I’ve flown several times even feel cramped.

By referring to the incredible showers at the The Wing lounge as “cabanas,” Cathay Pacific is guilty of underselling this product.  These showers are much larger and more luxurious than a cabana that most people would think of.  If you can visit The Wing be sure to checkout the Cabanas.  The privacy and luxury of these rooms could be very appealing for couples.