Compared to the newest airports popping up around the globe New York’s Laguardia airport is a pit.  Heck, compared to most major airports in developed countries Laguardia is a pit.  Five years ago, Vice President Biden commented that if someone was blindfolded and taken to Laguardia airport they’d think that they were surely in a third-world country.

In fact Biden was saying the same thing that Donald Trump did in a CNN interview a few years prior to his comment.  These days there might be denials on both sides and claims of “fake news,” but they both said it.  Given the disparity in resources between those countries and the United States, those comments from Trump and Biden are an insult to the third world.

Americans and New Yorkers need not be ashamed much longer.  Laguardia is undergoing an $8 billion renovation that will bring it up to 21st century standards.  The project began in 2017 and will not be complete until 2026.

Delta Air Lines is contributing $3.3 billion and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is adding $600 million to construct a new Terminal C that will house 37 gates for use by Delta and a few other carriers.

2019-10-31 (1)
Terminal C rendering showing the new concourse A (highlighted)

The first concourse of the massive new Terminal C project opens next week on November 4.    The concourse covers 105,000 sq. ft. and holds seven new gates. When complete, Terminal C will feature a total of 37 gates and four concourses connected by a common  check-in lobby, security checkpoint, and baggage claim.

Delta at LGA 2
Credit Delta

Gates will be larger and all seating will have access to power ports.  Delta will also install a new, larger Delta Sky Club with a Sky Deck.  Another bonus is that floor-to-ceiling windows will provide great views of Citi Field, home of the Mets, and Flushing Bay.

Delta-Concourse-at LGA
Credit Delta

Hospitality group OTG , famous for its IPad information and ordering system, is in charge of dining options which include local favorites such as H&H Bagels, Rossi Pizzeria (from Chef Mark Iacono of Lucali), Flatiron Tavern & Provisions (from chefs Jess Shadbolt and Clare de Boer), Birch Coffee, and Juice Press. 

The Terminal is being located closer to Grand Central Parkway.  That permits installing  dual taxiways that will help reduce hold outs, taxi times and hopefully flight delays.

Overall Impression

Well done Delta and New York and New Jersey Port Authority.  There is hope for New York after all.  However, there will still be six more years of construction hell before the entire project is complete.  I’m looking forward to the first time I get to see the new concourse.  If you get there before I do, let me know what you think.