Sculpture Saturday transports us back to the 6th century B.C. and the myth of Kleobis and Biton. 

These sculptures are two of the best examples of kouroi, free-standing statues of nude male Greek youth.  According to an inscription on the base, Polymedes of Argos was the sculptor and dedicated these statues to Apollo on behalf of the people of Argos.  The marble sculptures are just over two meters tall. 

IMG_4774 (2)
Kleobis (left) and Biton

According to the myth, Kleobis and Biton, were the sons of a high priestess of the Sanctuary of Hera. When their mother was unable to find oxen to travel to the temple for a festival, her muscular and athletic sons carried the yoke on their own shoulders for the six-mile journey. Upon arriving at the sanctuary, their mother prayed to Hera to grant her wonderful sons the greatest gift a mortal could have which apparently was death. Kleobis and Biton died in their sleep the same day. Thanks a lot mom!

The sculptures were discovered at Delphi in 1893 and 1894.  They are now displayed in the Museum of Delphi a couple hundred meters from where they originally stood.

Sculpture Saturday is a challenge hosted by Susan Kelly at No Fixed Plans.

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