A couple of days ago news network CNN posted a travel quiz that I thought I’d plagiarize, I mean share, for a little fun.  The quiz is divided into seven parts – Cities, Aviation, World of Wonder, Bridges, Food and Drink, Countries, and Famous Travelers .  Each part has 10 questions.  I’ll  post questions for one part each day with the answers listed in a follow-up post the next day.

For a little friendly competition, I’m also taking the quiz.  I will give you my score at the end of each part to give you something to shoot at.

There are many very knowledgeable and well-traveled folks among those who follow this blog.  I hope this self-proclaimed “world traveler” doesn’t get too embarrassed.  Then again, that’s part of the fun.

Friends and family can help but no Google!  Answers, of course, are posted on CNN’s website.  No fair peeking.

Good luck!

Cities Quiz

1. Which of these cities has not hosted the Summer Olympics?

a. Amsterdam; b. Madrid; c. Helsinki; d. Tokyo; e. Rome

2. Can you identify each city from its skyline?

2020-05-25 (4)

3. The London Underground, or Tube, is the world’s oldest metro rail system. Which city has the second oldest electrified system?

4. Some nations have more than one capital city. Can you identify these countries by their perhaps lesser known capitals?

a. Brno b. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte c. Putrajaya d. Valparaíso

5. In which city is the world’s tallest building?

6. Can you name the city from these landmark places of worship?
7. Which city has the world’s oldest Chinatown?
a. San Francisco b. London c. Manila d. Jakarta e. Toronto
8. Can you identify the city from the name of its airport?
a. General Edward Lawrence Logan; b. Hamad International; c. O.R. Tambo International; d. Soekarno-Hatta International
9. Can you name the world’s highest capital city?
10. Which three destinations are widely recognized as the world’s only three sovereign city states?
Wow!  I guessed on quite a few questions.  This is how I did.  A check means I got it right.  An X means wrong.  On multiple part questions, I score as a percentage.
Here’s my score.
1.  √
2.  0% I should have known some of these.
3.  X
4.  50%
5.  √
6.  75%
7.  X
8.  100% (Yay!)
9.  X
10.  66%
Correct answers will be posted tomorrow.  Thanks for playing along and having fun with travel while we are homebound.
P.S.  Happy Memorial Day weekend to those in the US.