After arriving in Taipei on the flight from Cebu, Philippines the six-hour layover was spent relaxing and working in EVA Air’s Infinity Lounge. Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airprot (TPE) is EVA Air’s primary hub. It operates four lounges at TPE, and the Infinity Lounge is the best.

Location, Hours and Access

All EVA Air lounges at TPE are located one level up from the concourse in Terminal 2.

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The Infinity Lounge is a business-class lounge. It shares a check-in desk with the Star Lounge, which is open to elite members of EVA Air’s Infinity Mileage frequent flyer program.


The Infinity Lounge is open to EVA Air Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, Business Class passengers and Star Alliance First or Business Class travelers.

The Infinity Lounge is open daily 04:30 – 23:30. A robot butler is stationed in the entryway to respond to questions about services in the lounge. The robot is a tip off to the futuristic decor to be found inside.



There are several options for seating. All have access to power and super-fast WiFi. Window seats overlook the terminal. The entrance hall has fairly traditional seating on the left and leads to area at the rear of the lounge with lighting, design and decor that produces a kind of extraterrestrial feel.



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Food Service Area

The most important feature of any lounge, other than good WiFi, is food and beverages. The Infinity Lounge excels in that regard. It offers an astounding variety of Western and Chinese fare along with premium alcoholic beverages. Staff keep the buffet immaculate.


Salad bar
Hot dogs, buns, and all the fixin’s
Minestrone and Lotus Root Vegetarian soup
Steamed buns with various fillings and sweet potatoes
Fish filet, purple onions, and macaroni (sorry no cheese)
Korean spicy chicken and fried rice
Yogurt and assorted desserts
Ice cream station

Self-service beverages are available via a bar well-stocked with several types of wine, champagne and spirits, a coffee bar, and a cooler with soft drinks, juice and beer.  20201013_15025920180318_14435720180318_144401

Food is one of the biggest temptations of air travel for me.  I always chow down in a lounge if the food is decent even if I’ve eaten on the arriving flight and will be served again on the departing flight.  The buffet here was very good and I helped myself to several items over the course of the layover.  20180318_145848

Showers and Bathrooms

I assume every lounge will have adequate WiFi, so after food and drinks, I value showers most. Before a flight, a shower clears my mind, relaxes me and improves my attitude especially when flying economy.

Shower rooms in the Infinity Lounge are outfitted with anything I might need such as a toilet, hair dryer, shaving mirror and accessories, and lotions. The showers have multiple shower heads which enhances the relaxation effect.

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Bathrooms are spotless.  the_infinity_service_equipment_10_tcm35-73022 

Other Features and Services

The Infinity Lounge provides secure luggage storage, a business center, newspapers and magazines in several languages, a children’s area, TVs, and flight monitors. Announcements are not made for flights operating on their regular schedule.

Agents at the check-in desk can handle inquiries about travel on EVA Air. When travel disruptions occur, being able to talk with an airline agent face-to-face can be invaluable.

Baby changing station. EVA Air photo


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Final Thoughts

EVA Air’s Infinity Lounge is a very good business-class lounge. It is the best lounge EVA Air operates because it has no international first class service. The Infinity lounge was more than adequate to meet me needs although the lounge could use additional comfortable seating and less bright lighting.