Debbie of TravelWithIntent hosts The One Word Sunday Challenge. This week the prompt is old/older/oldest.

My response features the sprawling, ancient complexes of Angor Thom and Angor Wat. They are located a few miles from the modern city of Siem Reap in northwest Cambodia.

Angkor Thom was established as the capital of Khmer King Jayavarman VII’s empire. It was constructed in the late 12th century.  Ta Prohm temple, originally known as Rajavihara (monastery of the king) was built in the same time period about one kilometer east of Angor Thom.

Ta Prohm Temple Cambodia

Angor Wat is located next to Angor Thom and is the largest religious structure (temple complex) in the world by land area, measuring 162.6 hectares (402 acres) according to Wikipedia.  It was established in the early 12th century.

Angor Thom and Ta Prohm Temple are old.  Nearby Angor Wat is slightly older.  

A temple at Angor Wat

So this post covers the old and (slightly) older portion of the challenge. 

The theme next week is “reflection.”