China Eastern Airlines A320 Business Class Hong Kong to Shanghai

This is the next in the series of posts covering the trip my son and I took to Hong Kong.

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Delta One 747-400 Upper Deck, Shanghai, China (PVG) to Detroit, MI (DTW)

After a week in Hong Kong it was time for Alex and I to head home.  We had booked round-trip business class tickets from Charlotte on Delta for 140,000 Skymiles each.

China Eastern (MU) is a bad airline but business class on this two-hour flight was okay. Based n the experience in Shanghai and subsequent flights, I’m glad it was only two hours.

Boarding in Hong Kong was fine and Alex and I took our seats, 2J and L, in the business class section on the A320.

Boarding the MU A320 at HKG

This aircraft had eight business class seats in 2-2 configuration.  Economy seats 150.  The MU business class is standard domestic first class seats that might be found on a Delta A320.  Pitch is 36 inches, and the seats are 20 inches wide.

The MU seats had power, a medium sized video screen, and the required remote control.

Power outlets on the seat back in front
Video screen
MU video selections

MU provided a nice blanket and pillow.20160816_070747_resized

This was a breakfast flight.

The flight attendants handed out wet towels before the meal.20160816_070246_resized

Breakfast menu
MU western breakfast frittata with cornflakes and fruit

I tried he Chinese offering.

MU Chinese breakfast

This was a decent breakfast on a two-hour, essentially domestic route.

The flight arrived on time, not to be expected on this airline as I was to later learn.

Arrival at PVG


I review this fight only to cover all of the legs of our trip to Hong Kong.  While the flight and service in the air were completely satisfactory, an issue on the ground gave an impression of an airline not to be flown by most Westerners.

I left an item on board the plane when we got off and spoke to a MU representative to get it back.  This person did not understand, or seemingly care about what I was saying.  I spoke to other MU employees about this issue with the same result!  I’d think a business-class passenger with Skyteam Elite Plus status would get better treatment.  I’ve flown MU once since and my initial impressions were confirmed.

MU has some good fares, such as Chicago to Bangkok roundtrip in economy for $466 that I am currently flying. Even as a  leisure traveller who pays for my own tickets, good fares aren’t everything.

Delta seems to be expanding its partnership with China Eastern while it has pretty much destroyed it’s relationship with Korean Air, a very good airline.   That is not good for Delta flyers who travel to Asia.

The next post will be much more positive and cover our exquisite Delta 747 upper deck flight from Shanghai  to Detroit.  There ain’t a business class cabin in the sky that beats the DL 747-400 upper deck.

Naturally Delta is abandoning the 747.  Sigh.





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