ICN Terminal 2 opened in January 2018 just before the PeyongChang Olympic Games.  Currently, Korean Air and SkyTeam partners Delta and Air France/KLM are the only tenants.  Other SkyTeam airlines will follow.  Korean Air has opened two Prestige Lounges in this sparkling terminal.

Beautiful ICN Terminal 2

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Korean Air Prestige Lounge East


Location And Hours

This lounge is located on the fourth floor near Gate 253.  The East lounge is open from 06:00 to 22:00 daily.  It is the smaller of the two Prestige lounges.  The larger Korean Air Prestige Lounge West is located on the fourth floor near Gate 249.  The East Lounge was going to be my first stop after arriving on a flight from Bangkok in a spectacular Prestige Suite on a Korean Air 777-300.

I used the Lounge Buddy app to find this lounge.  Lounge Buddy is great, but in this case it incorrectly identified the lounge at Gate 249 as the East KAL Prestige lounge.  That is the West lounge in fact.


Korean Air grants access to Prestige Class customers, business class customers on SkyTeam carriers, SKYPASS Million Miler and Morning Calm Premium members, and SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers traveling in economy.  One guest is allowed.  Also having access are certain credit cardholders, Morning Calm members with a pass, and mileage redemption passengers using a lounge award.  Of course, passengers travelling in first class can use this lounge, too if they prefer rather than the Korean Air first class lounge.  I got in because I was flying business class on Korean Air and my SkyTeam Elite Plus status as a Delta Airlines Diamond medallion.

Present your boarding pass and ID to the friendly Korean Air agents who can also assist with travel issues and provide the WiFi password.

Seating Areas

The Prestige Lounges in Terminal 2 are a definite improvement over the Prestige Lounge in Terminal 1 and the Concourse in terms of seating and food options.

Entering the lounge seating areas are ahead and to the right.
Open seating in the main seating area toward the rear of the lounge.
Smaller seating area to the right of the entrance
Work stations to the left of the entrance overlook the concourse.

Food and Beverages

The biggest improvement in the Prestige Lounges is in the food.  There is a larger variety of food options.  It is now possible to make a decent meal.  The Matina Lounges sill offer better food.  Those with Priority Pass may want to grab food there and then enjoy the comfort and services of one of the Prestige Lounges.

Hot entrees and side dishes
Pastries and snacks


This lounge offers a good range of non-alcoholic beverages including tea, coffee, juice soft drinks and water.20180819_235057

The selection of alcoholic beverages seems to be the same as in the old Terminal 1 lounge although draft beer is available now in addition to cans.  Korean Air, however, has added a bar.  The bar appears to be self serve as I’ve never seen a bartender although my visits have been in the morning.20180819_234920


The best feature of the Prestige Lounges is the showers.  The rooms are large, the showers are easy to operate and have good pressure and temperature.20180706_080022


These showers have closets with hangers rather than just hooks on a wall.
Hair dryer and amenities for dental and shaving needs are supplied as well as towels and wash cloths wrapped in plastic.

Toilets are very high tech.  Those who don’t speak Korean will need a couple of minutes to figure out the controls.20180706_072723

Other Services

Other services and features of this lounge include WiFi, newspapers and magazines, a sleeping area, and fax and printer.  The WiFi is fast as is the general rule in the Republic of Korea.  At the West Lounge I connected upon entering the lounge without logging in.  Here, I needed a password that the agents provide at check in.

The lounge has printers and fax service, newspapers and magazines, TV room, and an abundance of electrical outlets.

The passwords are complicated

Overall Impression

Korean Air has greatly improved the food, look and feel of the Terminal 2 Prestige Lounges over the Prestige lounge in Terminal 1 and the KAL lounge in the Concourse Terminal.  The East and West Prestige Lounges should be able to handle the crowding that will likely occur and still offer a much improved experience.  Maybe the best thing about the East and West Prestige Lounges is that they are located in Terminal 2.  The beauty and functionality of this terminal are outstanding.  For Terminal 2 and the new Prestige Lounges, Korean Air deserves a well done.

Update: Between the two Prestige Lounges I would recommend the West lounge because it is larger and has areas of secluded seating.  Other than that the Terminal 2 Prestige Lounges appear to be identical in services and amenities.