Each year since opening in 2001, ICN has been ranked as one of the world’s best airports.  That ICN has many good Priority Pass lounges only reinforces its high ranking in my view.  The Korean Air Prestige Lounge in Terminal 1, though, was at best just an average airline business-class lounge.

The term “new and improved” is a cliche in American advertising.  But when applied to the Prestige Lounges in the recently opened Terminal 2,  that term is exactly correct.

I reviewed the five ICN Terminal 1 Priority Pass lounges (Part 1)and the three Priority Pass lounges in the Concourse Terminal (Part 2) on a prior lounge crawl.   Part 4, covers the new Priority Pass lounges in Terminal 2.      Part 3, Lounges?….We Don’t Need No Stinking Lounges, covers things to do at ICN other than camping in a lounge.  Part 6 reviews the Korean Air Prestige Lounge East at ICN Terminal 2.

ICN Terminal 2 opened in January 2018 just in time for the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea.  Korean Airlines, joint venture partner Delta Airlines, Air France/KLM, and some other SkyTeam airlines are the only airline tenants.

My Korean Air 737-800 flight from Beijing, People’s Republic of China (PEK) parked at the gate at Terminal 2 at 05:00.  I was eager to disembark, see the new KAL Prestige Lounge,  and investigate this new terminal.

Connecting passengers at ICN only need to go through security (not immigration and customs) before entering the terminal.  Terminal 2 has an enormous security area with many more lanes than were available in Terminal 1 or the Concourse.  If most lanes are open, getting through security should be a breeze even at the busiest times.

After security, escalators carry passengers up to the concourse near Gate 247.

The concourse is one level up after exiting security.

To get to the Prestige Lounge West from here, do a 180 and head toward Gate 249.  It is farther than one imagines, but the walk is pleasant and aided by moving walkways.

I used the Lounge Buddy app to find this lounge.  Lounge Buddy is great, but in this case it incorrectly identified the lounge at Gate 249 as the East KAL Prestige lounge.  This is the West lounge in fact, and the East lounge is located at Gate 253.

Terminal 2 is loaded with greenery including living walls and full-size trees.
ICN Terminal 2

The use of local flora moderates the sterile look common in many contemporary airports.

ICN Terminal 2

Korean Air Prestige Lounge West


Korean Air grants access to Prestige Class customers, business class customers on SkyTeam carriers, SKYPASS Million Miler and Morning Calm Premium members, and SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers traveling in economy.  One guest is allowed.  Also having access are certain credit cardholders, Morning Calm members with a pass, and mileage redemption passengers using a lounge award.

Of course, passengers travelling in first class can use this lounge too if they prefer rather than the Korean Air first class lounge.  I got in because I was flying business class on Korean Air and my SkyTeam Elite Plus status as a Delta Airlines Diamond medallion.

Entrance to Prestige Class Lounge West

Hours and Location

The West lounge is open from 04:00 to 24:00 daily.  It is the larger of the two Prestige lounges.  The Korean Air Prestige Lounge West is located above a sign for tax refunds near Gate 249.

Luggage Room

A luggage room with lockers lies just past the check-in/rep assistance counter.20190211_074605

Seating Areas

A hall leads from the luggage room to the seating areas.  Korean Air has definitely improved the seating compared to the old Terminal 1 Prestige lounge.

The lounge overlooks the concourse not the flight line as in the old lounge.  A terrace, like the one at the Korean Air lounge at LAX, would have been a great addition to this lounge.

The main seating areas are open and spacious.  They are in one large room that is divided into several distinct seating arrangements.20180518_021030_resized

Electrical outlets with USB ports, receptacles for U. S. plugs, and places to put food, beverages and personal items are available at about every seat.  No need to get an adapter at the check-in desk.  Although the open floor plan offers little individual privacy, the seating is very comfortable.20180518_022218_resized20180517_072348_resized

There is an area on the side of the lounge where travelers can relax in a more private setting.20180518_021236_resized

Those wanting to watch sports or news can retire to the large TV room on the left side (facing the windows) of the lounge.20180517_094649_resized_1

A private relaxation room and a nursing room just off the main seating areas are available for women.  A smoking room is open to all.

Food and Beverages

The options for food and beverages in the Prestige Lounge in Terminal 1 and the Concourse weren’t very good.  All of the ICN Priority Pass lounges offered significantly better food and beverages.  The Prestige Lounges in Terminal 2 narrow that gap but don’t eliminate it completely.

The food service area is much larger than the ones in Terminal 1 and the Concourse.

Large food service area at the back of the lounge with hot and cold entrees, salads, snacks etc.
Pastries and snacks
Hot entrees and side dishes

The biggest improvement is in the quality and quantity of hot entree offerings.  Here one can create a satisfying meal, and that was hard to do in the old lounges.

The beverage offerings appear to be the same; however the presentation is enhanced.  Korean Air has added a bar.  The bar was unattended during my early morning stay but patrons could help themselves.

The wine and liquor selection is limited.  Korean Air kept the Ballantine’s Scotch so I’m happy.

If Korean Air added Korean BBQ, ponchon and Charmisul (sp?) soju, I’d be in seventh heaven.  You?


The lounge has six shower rooms located on a hall at the rear of the lounge.  I took a look but did not shower because time was short on this layover.  20180520_041228_resized20180518_034256_resized (1)

Rain shower and hand-held shower heads.

The toilets, of course, are high tech.  They can do everything including washing and drying your butt.  Figuring out the controls might require a little experimentation.20180518_034546

Other Services

Other services and features of this lounge include WiFi, newspapers and magazines, a sleeping area, and fax and printer.  The WiFi is fast as is the general rule in the Republic of Korea.  Somehow I connected upon entering the lounge without logging in.

Perhaps the best feature of the Korean Air Prestige lounges at ICN is the cheerful assistance provided by the agents.  Too bad that attitude hasn’t spread to some of the agents in the KAL lounges at JFK and LAX.

After exploring the Prestige Lounge West for an hour or so, I departed to complete The Great Seoul/Incheon Priority Pass Lounge Crawl by checking out the three new Priority Pass lounges in Terminal 2.  That report appears in Part 4.

Overall Impression

Korean Air has greatly improved the food, look and feel of the Terminal 2 Prestige Lounges over the Prestige lounge in Terminal 1 and the KAL lounge in the Concourse Terminal.  While every lounge looks better when empty and uncluttered, the East and West Prestige lounges should be able to handle crowding and still offer a much improved experience.  As will be reported in the next installment of The Great Seoul/Incheon Lounge Crawl food, and to a lesser extent, beverages at the Priority Pass lounges in Terminal 2 still surpass the offerings in the Terminal 2 Prestige Lounges.

In the battle between Asiana and Korean Air, the Asiana business-class lounges in Terminal 1 and the Concourse were a significant advantage for Asiana.  The improved Prestige Lounges reduce that advantage.  Plus, Korean Air and the new Prestige Lounges have improved their position just by being in Terminal 2.  The beauty and functionality of this terminal are outstanding.  For Terminal 2 and the new Prestige Lounges, Korean Air deserves a well done.

What do you think of the new Korean Air Prestige lounges in Terminal 2?