Lately, most of my travel focused on Asia.  The trip to Paris was a nice change even though I’ve visited this city numerous times over the years.

Other posts about this trip to Paris cover the MIA Centurion Lounge, the American Airlines Premium Lounge at MIA, the Westin Paris Vendome, a tour of  WWII Normandy Invasion sights (Part I, Pointe du Hoc, Part II Omaha Beach, and Part III the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer) a trip to Versailles, and a American Airlines business-class flight from CDG to DFW on a 787-9.

This summer, American remodeled the last of its 777-200s that had first class.  They are now all outfitted with new business-class seats.  A handful are now sporting a premium economy section as well.  The prior three-class configuration had 16 first-class seats.   It was easy to use a System Wide Upgrade to go from a paid business seat to first class on those aircraft.  I used miles for my trip last year in first class from Santiago, Chile (SCL) to Miami, Florida (MIA)  

American 777-200s have two types of business seats, the Zodiac seat (also found on American 787-8s) and the B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seat.  The Super Diamond seat is the better product by far.  Of course with a fancy name like “B/E Aerospace Super Diamond,” this seat should be good.

American 777-200 B/E Aerospace Super Diamond Business Class Seat

This seat is my favorite American Airlines business-class seat.  Some prefer the business-class seats on the 777-300.  They are very nice, but I give the Super Diamond seat an edge because of the enclosed storage.  However the two-row forward business-class cabin on the 777-300 is the best American Airlines business-class cabin.

777-200 forward business-class section on the starboard side
My seat 6L was near a galley but I was not disturbed by light or commotion,
These seats have the best secure storage of any American Airlines business-class seat.  Remember to check all compartments before deplaning to avoid leaving personal items behind.
Compartment with remote, power outlets, headphone connection, and more storage.
Seat and lighting controls are mounted on the console.  They are easy to understand and use.
The video screen is fixed so viewing throughout the flight is possible.  The tray table slides forward from under the video monitor.  There is no stowing/unstowing.
The footwell is small but seemed adequate for my size 11s.
Individual air vents give passengers some control over temperature and ventilation.


Amenities included bottled water, amenity kit,headsets, blanket and pillow. No pajamas or mattress as I expected transatlantic.
Bose noise-cancelling headphones


AA Flight 62 departed on time at 18:45.

Departure was on Runway 9 which took us over downtown Miami.
The proximity of the Bahamas to Florida always amazes me.
We were over Freeport in less than 15 minutes.

The Service 

Service began with the usual pre-departure beverage.  Beverages and warm nuts were again offered once airborne.

The first meal service started with beverages and warm nuts.


Menus were distributed before takeoff.20171207_194345_resized20170831_183429_resized20171207_194214_resized

First Meal Service

Potato Blinis appetizer and Brussel Sprout salad.  I liked the salad.  That is noteworthy because brussel sprouts are probably my least favorite vegetable.
Norwegian Salmon entree with lemon butter plus fingerling potatoes and artichokes.

The entree was delicious although I’m partial to Alaskan salmon.  On an Alaska trip a few years ago, my son hauled in a slew of ’em on the Big Susitna River and Montana Creek.

American did a good job with dessert. A sundae, cheese, fruit and porto are a great way to cap off a meal.


Flying time for this overnight flight was projected to be eight hours and 45 minutes.  After the first meal service there was plenty of time to watch movies, sleep and chill out.20170829_201920_resized20170829_222825_resized

Heading 078 at flight level 370


The FAs served breakfast about one hour before landing.

Omelette, fruit and American’s wonderful biscuits
After breakfast FAs handed out cards for the “fast” lane through immigration at CDG.  I put fast in quotes because nothing seems fast at CDG.
Parking at CDG next to other American jets.

Overall Impression

The remodeled 777-200s with the Super Diamond seats provided a deluxe business-class hard product.  The service was as good as any other US carrier.  However, for an international business-class flight, the quality and quantity of food and beverages was, at best, average.